Hong Kong Based Art Photography

Moving, engaging images which explore the human condition and the world that we live in.

The Stallery photographers are talented artists in their own right and are constantly pushing the technical and creative boundaries of their craft with bold images which explore everything from the unique street life in Hong Kong through to the way that the human brain and eye engage with art. The images which our art photographers create are available to purchase in a number of formats including high quality canvas prints.

Eclectic street art photography which explores life in a big city

Many of the art series our photographers work on engage with what it means to live in a big cosmopolitan city like Hong Kong. From vibrant streetscapes which capture the unique character of the city through to urban street portraits which offer a glimpse into the lives of the people who call this city their home, Hong Kong plays a prominent role in the subject matter of The Stallery’s art photographers. 

Bold images which make the most of modern technology

In addition to being skilled technical photographers, our team are adept at editing and manipulating images to produce truly stunning results. Art photography allows artists to explore the many ways technology can be used to enhance images with effects that give additional meaning through emphasizing contrast, colour, or movement. 

To learn more about our Hong Kong street photographers or to enquire about purchasing some of the artwork displayed here, either contact the artist individually or contact us using the