Unique Portrait Photography in Hong Kong

You can be the subject of art at the Stallery as you sit for portrait photographs in a range of styles.

We believe that everyone is unique. From formal business shots to museum classics and fun family portraits, your photo shoot will be entirely tailored to your aesthetic tastes and practical needs.

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We guarantee these five elements in every one of our photographs and artworks:  

Authenticity, Wonder, Novelty, Style, Professionalism


We believe that portraits can only make you smile if they show your genuine side. With this in mind, we aim to capture the truest you, using Photoshop only to enhance the effects of the finished portrait. We believe that your face and body uniquely reflect your personality, so we want to capture as much of that as possible on camera – even if you are camera-shy. Portraits tell stories. Let us tell yours.


Everyone is influenced to some extent by comic books and fairytales in our childhood. As we grow up, though, we start to lose that child-like sense of wonder and curiosity at the world. As adults living in bustling Hong Kong, reigniting this sense of wonder is particularly difficult. At the Stallery, you can relax, be curious, and have fun being the center of art.


The photography services we provide to families and individuals are unique, innovative, and refreshing among studios in Hong Kong. We use the best and newest photography equipment and ensure that we constantly keep up to the latest technology. We work until every pixel is perfect.


We are proud of our unique way of synthesising traditional photography and innovative editing techniques to create beautiful artworks. You can choose from a wide array of traditional styles or go with the Stallery’s signature portraiture style. Style is personal, so go with what speaks to you most.


We take photography seriously and know it inside out, but we also continually strive to keep updated on the latest in the medium. Our professional and knowledgeable photographers are reliable and have your covered whatever your wishes and needs are.


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