About The Stallery WCH

The Stallery is a portraiture studio and art gallery in one. In our hybrid space, you can experience art first-hand – not just as a viewer but also as a subject of artistic photography.

Our founder, director, and artist-in-residence Ernest Chang is a photographer who sees our colorful metropolis from a unique visual perspective through his color-blindness. Stylistically, Ernest manipulates images of the city by playing with heightened symmetry and color contrasts, bringing out a sense of inherent order underneath Hong Kong’s urban chaos in images that often seem to have a sheen of the fantastic.

As a studio, the Stallery specializes in photographic portraits in Ernest’s signature style or classic studio styles. No matter what style you choose, you are the center of the finished artwork. We also promote photography by offering workshops to young people and adults with high-grade equipment.

As a gallery, we offer a functional, edgy exhibition space for artist collaborations.

Outside The Stallery Store. At Night. 2015. 

Outside The Stallery Store. At Night. 2015.